vorbeste cu mine

Cybertwin e un site care iti permite sa dezvolti un caracter cu ajutorul unui soft de inteligenta artificiala. Dupa ce am facut un test de personalitate si mi-am modelat un pic personajul….a iesit : Adrian. Nu stiu cat de mult seamana cu mine…dar puteti discuta cu el si il puteti intreba detalii despre mine. Sunt curios daca va raspunde inteligent sau nu.

Partea frumoasa este ca devine tot mai destept cu fiecare conversatie. :)

1 thought on “vorbeste cu mine”

  1. robotelul tau e cam tamp :)) ai uitat sa-i spui ca ai un blog

    You: hello stranger

    Adrian: Hey, good to see you dan.

    You: how’s your blog?

    Adrian: Ohhh I love reading blogs, I haven’t got one yet though

    You: you don’t have a blog?!?

    Adrian: Some blogs can be so addictive

    You: but yours?

    Adrian: There’s always a but isn’t there dan? haha

    You: what’s your opinion about branding?

    Adrian: I haven’t thought about it too much lately, so I don’t have a good answer for you.

    You: but what about marketing?

    Adrian: What about what? Can you be more specific?

    You: what do you think about strategic marketing today?

    Adrian: I haven’t learnt about that from the real Adrian yet. But I would love to know what his thoughts would be.

    You: ok, have a nice day

    Adrian: Bye!

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